Project of the month March 2017:Laboratory extrusion line

The task:

Laboratory extrusion line to produce PVC-U test strips for material testing

The solution:

Single screw extruder ME 30/4x25D, extrusion die for flat profiles 25x1mm, laboratory downstream line (SampleSizer) consisting of a calibration table, a roller haul-off and a cutting unit G1


Total length of the line approx. 2,800 mm

102 104
Extrusion die Guillotine
Roller haul-off
  • Single screw extruder ME 30/4x25D
  • AC drive 4.3 kW; water-cooled, speed up to 70 rpm; screw nitrided for PVC-U outputs up to 12 kg/h; melt pressure and melt temperature measurement; material hopper 2.5-3.0 litres; 4 barrel heating zones with air blowers; 1 flange heating zone; 2 die heating zones; extruder control mini ME Control/4; 25.6 cm (10.1”) analogue resistive touch screen; contact roller for operation without downstream line.
  • Tooling system for 25x1mm flat profile; extrusion die 1.2316 EST; heaterband 600W; die connection M 70x2; calibrator 1.2316 EST, 500mm; contact roller for operation without downstream line.
  • Roller haul-off AC drive 0.37kW; haul-off speed 0.1 to 2.0 m/min; PMMA safety shield, limit switch controlled;
  • Cutting head Guillotine G1; cutting stroke pneumatic; profile passage (w x h) 60x30 mm, with cutting bushes for a flat profile 25x1 mm.

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