Profile systems

IDE profile systems are designed to produce profiles from 5 g/m to 5 kg/m. More than 50 years of IDE experience are the basis for exceptional tooling manufacture.


Punching systems

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Punching inline means integrating additional functions into the extrusion line. The mutual design, construction and production of…




Optimal cooling of the extrudate guarantees optimal performance in extrusion. An IDE waterbath is a valuable component of our profile systems which can also be incorporated into an existing cooling system.


In extrusion the profle is only as good as the tooling system. Only the very latest production processes in tooling manufacture are practised at IDE. Our highly-qualifed and experienced toolmakers do precision work on every order.

Our special know-how is where plastic comes into contact with metal. This knowledge enables us to design and manufacture perfect tooling systems according to your specifcations for every extrusion task.

Every new tooling system is a challenge.

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