IDE – Three generations of entrepreneurship, 60 years of innovation

What began with an entry in the register of craft businesses in 1953 continues today with Alexander Ide, the grandson of the founder at the helm of the company. The entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit of the company founder have shaped the following generations of the Ide family to the same extent as these characteristics have impacted the prosperity of the company.


After the Second World War mechanic Bernhard Ide, born in Hamburg, settled with his family in today’s Ostfildern. Starting with the construction of the first impulse welding device in 1955 and only four years later his first extruder, it was clear where the journey should go. Economic independence enabled the designer Ide to firmly establish himself in an emerging industry segment. Just 10 years after its founding the company made a substantial turnover of more than 600,000 DM and employed 12 workers. In the early 1960s the first production hall was built as a headquarters in Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and Bernhard Ide had adopted his new homeland.


Thomas Ide, son of the founder, joined the company in the mid-1970s.In addition to further development in the production of machinery and complete extrusion lines IDE began to consider strategic options for the European market. Since 1969 participation at trade fairs and reliable agents abroad have been an integral part of the company’s marketing concept.
In the early 70's there were 78 employees at IDE and a turnover of more than 8 million DM. IDE continued to expand and opened a production factory in Niederstetten, where tooling was made.
In 1984, the management of the company was handed to the second generation and grew under the leadership of Thomas Ide. IDE’s position on both national and international markets expanded further. In the early 1990's IDE employees numbered 109.


Numerous technical advancements and innovative customer-specific solutions, as well as a number of structural and logistical improvements for production in Ostfildern determined the company's course up to the new millennium. After closure of the factory in Niederstetten, the company concentrated on its location in Ostfildern. Thus, sales, development and production have been united under one roof, enabling the design of highly efficient production processes.

At the turn of 2014/15 and coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of IDE’s location in Ostfildern-Scharnhausen the third generational succession was completed.
Ann Ide said goodbyeafter more than twenty years of dedicated work and now enjoys retirement. Thomas Ide moved into the second row of company management in an advisory capacity.

After thirty very successful years he handed over management to his eldest son Alexander, who had joined the company in 2004.

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Alexander and his wife Silke Ide, a graduate economist, will maintain the great legacy of previous generations and will see to the sustained positive development of the company.
Their goals are to continue the constructive cooperation with all customers and partners of the company and to ensure an excellent climate among the workforce.

True to the motto: With the expertise of three generations, innovative technology and traditional values totally committed to extrusion.


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