High performance punching systems for complex finished products

IDE punching units are technically mature, sturdy and reliable and offer potential for profile added value within an extrusion line. A wide variety of functions combined with the appropriate power transmission system and linked to an IDE saw unit present solutions for complex punching tasks inline. Fully developed systems for changing die components or complete die systems save time and increase productivity.

IDE-Punching Units
Type Punching Force Method of operation Punching sequence Punching die
N Strokes / min LxWxH (mm)
ME 40/6.1 4500 column frame 50 250x180x132
ME 40/6.3 24000 column frame 45 250x180x132
ME 40/6.4 70000 column frame 40 250x180x132
ME 41/6.1 1800 C-frame 130 185x180x162
ME 41/6.2 12000 C-frame 40 185x180x162
ME 4-S 7500 servo driven punching units 50 200x110x173
ME 41/6.51 3000 servo driven punching units 300 185x180x162
ME 42/6.1 12000 toggle joint 50 220x187x163
ME 42/6.2 2000 toggle joint 30 220x187x163

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