Project of the month August 2017:Multifunctional single screw line

The task:

  • Extrusion line to process TPU for a flat profile, for tubing, and to run a crosshead die to sheath cable strands.


Standard set-up

The solution:

  • Single screw extruder ME 45/5x30D to process TPU, combined with a fusion pump.
  • Calibration unit ME 10/6.1 with a closed water system integrated into a 2.0 m long intermediate frame.
  • Sample-Sizer roller haul-off with a depositing device.


Total length of the line 8,250 mm

Wassersystem Rollenabzug Sample Sizer
Closed water system Sample-Sizer roller haul-off

Single screw extruder ME 45/5x30D:

  • Asynchronous motor 14 kW, water-cooled, speed up to 80 rpm.
  • 3-zone screw, nitrided, to process TPU.
  • Melt pressure and melt temperature measurement; Hopper 40 litres.
  • Extruder controller mini ME Control/4, TFT colour display
  • (10.1” touchscreen); Synchronization of melt pump, extruder and haul-off
  • Melt pump, throughput TPU approx. 30 kg/h, piloting, monitoring and inlet pressure control integrated in mini ME Control/4.

Calibration unit ME 10/6.1, calibration table 400 x 1450 mm.

Sample-Sizer roller haul-off, haul-off speed 0.6 to 60.0 m/min.

Extrusion die for flat profiles.

Pipe die for cording and tubing.

Crosshead die 90°.


Ablegevorrichtung Scheibenkalibriersystem
Depositing device Disc calibration system

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