Project of the month April 2017:High performance extruder for PP/HD-PE

The task:

Single screw extruder to process PP/HDPE with an output of up to 400 kg/h; Integration of a manual screen changer and a melt pump

The solution:

Single screw extruder ME 60/4x37D with a grooved entry bush combined with a manual screen changer and a melt pump

Total length of the machine 3,750 mm

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Screen changer with melt pump  AC-drive 115 kW, water-cooled
  • Single screw extruder ME 60/4x37D
  • Synchronous three-phase drive 115 kW, water-cooled, speed up to 240 rpm
  • Special screw, nitrided for PP/HDPE outputs up to 400 kg/h
  • Melt pressure and melt temperature measurement; Material hopper 150 litres
  • 6 barrel heating zones with cooling fans; 1 flange heating zone
  • 4 die heating zones;
  • Extruder control ME Control/3; TFT colour display
  • 15” touchscreen; Synchronization of melt pump, extruder and haul-off
  • Manual screen changer
  • 2 screen cavities with 2 breaker plates; Screen diameter 123 mm; 1 heating zone with 2 heaters
  • Melt pump integrated in the frame
  • AC gear motor 11 kW; speed 52 – 113 rpm; Feed pressure max. 200 bar
  • 1 heating zone with 4 heating cartridges
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