Project of the month May 2019:Punch-saw combination for twin-strand extrusion

The task:

  • Combined unit for punching and cutting twin-strand profiles.
  • Existing punching tools may be installed safely and quickly.

The solution:

  • Punching unit ME 40/6.4.
  • Motorized tracking, 140mm via toothed belt.
  • Punching force 50.000N at 250 bar and a max. punching sequence of 45 strokes/min.
  • Upstroke crosscut saw ME 50/6.1.
  • Motorized tracking, 500mm via toothed belt.
  • Pneumatic saw stroke, incl. oil damping.
  • Frequency-controlled saw blade drive.
  • Diamond saw blade.
  • Controller ME Control 20/4 to control both units.
Kombinierte Stanz Saege Kombination 05 2019 Saeulenfuehrungsgestell 05 2019
Combination punch-saw unit      Column guiding frame
Hydraulikaggregat 05 2019 Niederhalter mit Profilfuehrung
Hydraulic aggregate Hold-down clamp with profile guide
Steuerung ME Control 20 4 05 2019  

Controller ME Control 20/4


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