Project of the month May 2018:Extrusion line in customized design for the production of small technical profiles

Overall view ME 45/5x25D with a quick-change plasticizing unit

The task:

Extrusion line with a quick-change plasticizing unit, a calibration unit and a haul-off and cutting unit to manufacture profiles from various filled thermoplastic resins

The solution:

1.) Single-screw extruder ME 45/5x25D with exchangeable processing unit

Steuerung mini ME Control 4 Wechsel Plastifiziereinheit
Controller mini ME Control /4 Exchangeable processing unit
Zylinderanflanschung Vorheizvorrichtung Wechsel Plastifiziereinheit
Cylinder flanging Preheating device for exchangeable processing unit
  • Asynchronous motor 14 kW, water-cooled
  • Speed up to 80 rpm
  • Quick-change processing unit with one-piece bimetallic cylinder
  • 2 screws for processing filled or fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Controller mini ME Control/4 for the operation and monitoring of the main extruder, a coextruder and a haul-off unit ME 30/6.1

2.) Calibration unit ME 14/6.1

Wasserbad mit Fuehrungsrollen Ringduese aufklappbar
Waterbath with guide rollers Ring nozzle, hinged
  • 1 vacuum pump VN95-BluLine, frequency-controlled
  • 1 manifold with10 vacuum and 10 water connections
  • Manual longitudinal, lateral and height adjustment of the calibration table
  • Drying station with hinged ring nozzle Ø30mm

3.) Haul-off ME 30/6.1

Uebergang Abzug Schneideeinheit mechanische Spaltbegrenzung
Transition from haul-off to cutter Mechanical gap limitation
  • Haul-off speed:  1,5 to 30,0 m/min
  • Pulling force: max. 800N
  • Drive: 2 AC motors, à 1,3 kW
  • Contact length:  500mm
  • Caterpillar clamping:  pneumatic
  • Haul-off belts with 6mm LINATEX coating
  • Haul-off control with ME Control 20/4
  • Mechanical gap limitation

4.) Cutter ME 50/6.R1

Schneideinheit in Anfahrstellung Schneidbuchsenaufnahme
Cutter in start-up position Cutting bush mounting


  • Cutting unit directly flanged on the haul-off  ME30/6.1
  • AC servo-drive for cutting blades
  • Profile clearance 30x20mm or Ø30mm
  • Mounting for profile-specific cutting bushes
  • Controller ME Control 20/4-R


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