Project of the month September 2018:Combined saw - guillotine unit to cut different types of PVC, ABS, PP, PE, and TPE profiles

Upstroke saw ME 50/6.1 with guillotine cutting head G1.120

The task:

  • Integration of a combination saw - guillotine unit into a complete extrusion line.
  • Easy placement of the unit in any other extrusion line


  • A special unit designed to cut over 20 different profiles.
  • Profile speed up to 15 m / min

The solution:

  • A saw unit based on an ME 50/6.1 with an integrated guillotine cutting head which can be mounted on any saw unit which has been prepared accordingly. The unit can be easily connected to other machines within the extrusion line by means of joining elements at both machine end faces. All supply and control cables are pluggable. A centring device mounted on the frame allows accurate positioning on a rail track.


1. Upstroke saw ME 50/6.1

Unterflursaege ME 50 6 1 Detail Schneidkopf G1
Upstroke saw ME 50/6.1 Cutting head G1.120
  • Carriage travel: 500 mm; motorized
  • Saw stroke: pneumatic, oil-damped
  • Saw blade drive: 1,85 kW
  • Saw blade speed: frequency-controlled


2. Guillotine cutting head G1.120

Zentriervorrichtung fuer Schienenbahn Drucklufteinheit
 Centring device for a rail track Compressed air unit
 Verbindungsvorrichtung  Steuerung ME Control 20 4 K
Joining elements  Controller ME Control 20/4-K

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