Project of the month May 2017:Post-coextrusion

The task:

Space-saving integration of two post-coextruders on a calibration unit for the extrusion of a PVC-F soft lip and a TPE strip onto a roller shutter guide rail.

Mounting possibility for a 5m long calibration system consisting of a vacuum tank (3m), a spray waterbath (1m) and a post-coextrusion station (1m).

Parallel angeordnete Postkoextruder

2 parallel-mounted


 Ø 38 mm for the PVC-F soft lip

Ø 20 mm for the TPE strip

 Postkoextrusion Gesamtanlage

The solution:

Calibration unit ME 16/6.5:

  • Extrusion height 1100 mm
  • Calibration table 700x6000 mm
  • Longitudinal adjustment, motorized (± 250 mm)
  • Height adjustment, motorized, separate for intake and outlet sides (± 60 mm)
  • Cross adjustment (± 25 mm)
  • 5 vacuum pumps, each 4,3kW with quick-change connectors
  • 4 manifolds, each with 10 vacuum connections ½“ and 10 water connections ½“
  • 1 vacuum connection 5/4“ for the spray waterbath

Single screw coextruder MEB 38/4x25D:

  • AC drive 7,1 kW with spur reduction gearbox
  • Screw speed max. 67 rpm
  • Nitrided barrel with water-cooled entry zone
  • 4 barrel heating/cooling zones
  • Hopper, vol. 6 litres, with lid for the dosing unit
  • Screw to process PVC-F (4 to 20 kg/h)
  • Flexible heating hose, 1,0 m
  • Melt pressure and temperature measuring

 Single screw coextruder MEB 20/5x25D:

  • AC flat gear motor 2,6 kW
  • Screw speed max. 197 rpm
  • nitrided barrel with water-cooled entry zone
  • 2 barrel heating/cooling zones
  • Hopper, vol. 6 litres, with lid for the dosing unit
  • Screw to process TPE (0,5 to 5 kg/h)
  • Flexible heating hose,1,0 m

 Screen controller mini ME Control /4:

  • 25,6 cm (10,1“) analogue, resistive Touchscreen
  • Speed setting via digital potentiometer
  • Temperature control with actual value display, heating current display and alarms
  • Weekly timer
  • Display of the main data on all pages
  • Screen-assisted operator help
  • Data carrier functions with interface (USB Port)
  • Trend graphics
  • Recording of process variables
  • Recipe management



Vakuumsystem Einschneckenextruder MEB 38 4x25D
Vacuum system Single screw exturder ME B 38/4x25D

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