Project of the month October 2018:Complete line to produce droplet eliminator profiles made of PP TV 20

The task:

  • Complete line with melt pump for two die systems
  • Laser marking of the product inline
  • Special saw for diagonal cuts

The solution:

  • Extrusion line consisting of the following components:
  • ME 75/5x30D with mini ME Control/4, screw with barrier part designed to process 300 kg/h
  • Melt pump with manual screen changer
  • Tooling system consisting of extrusion die, dry/wet calibration with waterbath, designed to run a production speed of 6m/min
  • Calibration unit ME 14/6.2 with 3 frequency-controlled vacuum pumps
  • Laser printing station
  • Haul-off unit ME 30/6.3 with profiled, raised transport chain
  • Cutting unit ME 50/6.2 designed for vertical diagonal cuts


Werkzeug mit Schmelzepumpe Handsiebwechsler mit Schmelzepumpe
Extrusion die with melt pump Manual screen changer with melt pump
Kalibriersystem Wasserbad
Calibration system Waterbath
 Laserdrucker  Laserkennzeichnung
Laser printer Laserdrucker  Laser marking
 Abzugseinheit ME 30 6 6  Profilierte hochgezogene Raupenkette
Haul-off  ME 30/6.3 Profiled, high-raised transport transport chain
 Ablaengeinheit ME 50 6 2  Steuerung ME Control 20 4
Cutting unit  ME 50/6.2 Controller ME Control 20/4




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