Project of the month March 2018:Punching unit for floor panel profiles

The task:

Punching unit to prefabricate both sides of floor panel profiles up to a width of 591 mm.

The solution:

Special execution punch with two mutually adjustable longitudinal and transverse punching heads on the basis of a punching unit ME 4.

Sonderkonstruktion Stanze


Stanzbild Stanzwerkzeug
Punching pattern

Punching die


  • Punch carriage travel:  250 mm
  • Work principle:  pneumo-hydraulic
  • Punching force:  2 x  24.000 N at 6 bar
  • Punching sequence:  up to 40 strokes / min
  • Shortest punching interval:  181 mm
  • Profile speed:  1.0 m / min
  • Profile clearance:  max. 592 mm
  • Controller:  ME Control 20/4-K


Zwei Stanzkoepfe Stanzkopf
Two punching heads Punching head
Stanzkopfeinstellung Steuerung ME Control 20 4 K
Punching head adjustment Controller: ME Control 20/4-K



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