Project of the month July 2018:Combined punching and milling unit for inline prefabrication

Punching and milling unit based on ME 41/6.1


The task:

  • Introduction of position-specific punching and lateral sectioning of profiles.
  • Integration of the unit in an existing extrusion line.
  • Objective: To avoid prefabrication work outside of the extrusion line.

The solution:

  • Punching and milling unit based on ME 41 / 6.1 with 2 fixed milling units. The punching unit stamps the desired punch pattern, respecting the distance to the profile edge. The milling units process the profile laterally. The punching / milling pattern is programmed via the machine controller ME Control 20/2.


1. Punching unit ME 41/6.1

Stanzeinheit ME 41 6 1 Stanzwerkzeug zu ME 41 6 1
Punching unit ME41/6.1 Punching tool
  • Punching carriage travel: 25 mm
  • Work principle:  pneumatic
  • Punching force: 3000 N
  • Punching stroke: 10mm
  • Punching sequence: up to 100 cycles/min

2. Milling unit

Fraeseinheit zu ME 41 6 1 manuell verstellbare Fraesanschlaege zu ME 41 6 1
Milling unit Manually adjustable milling stops
Fraeser mit Niederhalteelement zu ME 41 6 1 Steuerung ME Control 20 2 zu ME 41 6 1
Milling cutters with suppression element          Controller ME Control 20/2
  • Lateral, pneumatic service of the milling cutters
  • Manually adjustable stops for milling depth, incl. display
  • Milling tool holders Ø 10 mm
  • Milling cutters can be switched off individually
  • Programmable milling length and distance between 2 millings

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