Project of the month February 2019:Complete line for the production of prefabricated roller shutters

The task:

  • Complete line for two die systems
  • Inline prefabrication
  • Data transmission with industrial hand-held scanner

The solution:

Extrusion line consisting of the following components:

  • ME 75/5x25D with mini ME Control/4
  • Die system consisting of extrusion die and dry calibration, designed
  • for a production speed of 8m/min
  • Calibration unit ME 14/6.1 with 2 frequency-controlled vacuum pumps
  • Haul-off unit ME 30/6.1 with profiled haul-off belt
  • Punching unit ME 41/6.S1, servo-motor operating principle, for light slots
  • Roller shutter locking and swarfless cutting unit ME 48/6.x,
  • Industrial hand-held scanner for data transmission for production
  • Insertion and assembly unit ME 82/4 for production lengths up to 3.0m


Durchflussmesser Fuellstandsueberwachung Schneckenspitzentemperierung
Flow meters and level-monitoring           Screw tip temperature control
Werkzeugsystem Trockenkalibrierung mit Aufbauplatte
Die system Dry calibration with mounting plate
Abzugseinheit ME 30 6 1 Stanzeinheit ME 41 6 S1
Haul-off unit ME 30/6.1 Punching unit ME 41/6.S1
Rolladen Arretiereinheit ME 48 6 Ablaengeinheit ME 48 6
Roller shutter locking unit ME 48/6.x Cutting unit ME 48/6.x
Handscanner Einschub und Konfektioniereinheit ME 82 4
Hand-held scanner Insertion and assembly unit ME 82/4

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