18 September 2017

In-house exhibition on 18. + 19.10.2017

It is that time again!

Our In-house exhibition in Ostfildern on 18th or 19th October 2017 is taking place in Ostfildern.

The theme of this year’s event is…


Alexander Ide, Thomas Ide and their staff will welcome you and give you a brief overview of the events of the In-House exhibition.

At IDE Industrie 4.0 and sustainability are the guidelines for our customer solutions.

On both days we would like to demonstrate how new solutions have developed at IDE in direct cooperation with our customers, and how the improved technologies arising from these new solutions can help you reap maximum benefits.

We will focus on:

New developments:


*         The new control system generation / 4

*         Torque Extruder Ø 20 mm

*         IDE App



True to tradition, we will be showing complete extrusion lines in operation:


*         Co Extrusion line for TPE

*         Extrusion line for PVC

*         Extrusion line for HDPE




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