Project of the month July 2017:Extrusion line to produce PVC-F sealing profiles

The task:

  • To construct a single screw extruder with optimized output for TPE / PVC-F
  • To develop and construct a special spraybath with an integrated conveyor belt fora sealing profile

The solution:

  • Single screw extruder ME 45/4x25D
  • AC-drive 15 kW, air-cooled; Screw speed 92 min-1; Integrated profile edge control; Hopper, 3-position slide mechanism with linear guide; Grooved feed bush; Special screw to process TPE/PVC-F; Controller mini ME Control/4.
  • Downstream calibration unit in stainless steel (VA)
  • Total length 4.5 m; VA spray-waterbath with built-in conveyor belt; Air flow regulators on the inlet side; Adjustable spray nozzles in the waterbath; Closed drying station with air blowers


Wasserabtropfbecken Hoehenverstellung

Drying station

Height adjustment

Spruehduesen Spruehduesen mit Foerderband

Spray nozzles

Spray nozzles with conveyor belt




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